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Application Deadline:

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2023 at 4pm



In order to be considered for funding from the United Way of Parker County (UWPC) for the 2021 fiscal year, the following documents must be provided:


1 packet marked “OFFICE COPIES”, submitted in a 1” or 1 ½” white 3 ring binder

(binders will be returned to each agency after the completion of the Allocations process)


The following documents must be included:

  1. Copy of IRS letter granting your 501 (c) 3 status

  2. Copy of registration with the Texas Secretary of State  

  3. Copy of current by-laws

  4. Agency Agreement (enclosed, page 4)

  5. Annual Statement of Agreement (enclosed, pages 5, 6 and 7)

  6. Board of Directors meeting schedule and list of current board members

  7. Anti-Terrorism Compliance Measures. (enclosed, page 8)

  8. Program Summary form. (enclosed, page 9)

  9. Program Budget form and requested schedules. (enclosed, page 10)

  10. Copy of most recent IRS 990

  11. Copy of the most recent completed annual financial statements (audit preferred if available)

  12. Form A: Service Data (enclosed, pages 13 and 14)

  13. Form B: Publicity & Marketing (enclosed, page 15)




The applying Agency shall:


  • Agree to comply with the Annual Statement of Agreement between the applying agency and the United Way of Parker County (UWPC).

  • Be incorporated as a not-for-profit 501(C) 3 tax organization and registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

  • Have bylaws that clearly define the agency’s purpose, duties and authority and the responsibilities of the governing body.

  • Have an unpaid Board of Directors who meet at least quarterly, sets policies, has representation from the United Way of Parker County service area, and implements a board term rotation policy.

  • Cooperate with other social service agencies in promoting effective, efficient service, with lack of duplication in service delivery system.

  • Obtain support, financial and/or in kind, other than United Way funding.

  • Provide a valid human service or program available to all Parker County residents that meet a genuine community need and addresses current problems of high priority.

  • Have provided the program or service to Parker County residents for the immediate 12 months prior to the submission of funding application.

  • Provide the program or service to clients regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religious affiliation or disability.


Programs ineligible for funding:


  1. Those that are primarily political in nature, including agencies that exist solely as advocates for special interest groups.

  2. Those that provide services only to the members of a particular religious group, or which exist solely to advocate particular religious beliefs.

  3. Those that exist solely as a forum for the presentation of cultural or artistic achievements.

  4. Any others that the United Way of Parker County Board considers inappropriate.


The United Way of Parker County will be responsible for applying the admission criteria fairly and consistently.  United Way of Parker County Board decisions are final.


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